Another Barmy Word Quiz.

Put your ‘thinking caps’ on! It’s time for another word quiz. The answers will be revealed in the next blog.

Yes, these are all real words, I didn’t make them up. Impress your pals at the Super Bowl Party. Jim really wants to be asked the meaning of edacious, with a mouthful of nachos and salsa dripping from his chin onto his 49ers jersey.

Win your date’s heart by complimenting her beautiful oxters. You’re welcome!

Time to play. As in the last word quiz, please practice ‘Googlestraint.’  (I coined that one, no copyright permission required). You can write your answers in the comments section.

Here we go!



A: An act of disrespect towards royalty

B: Having wooly or crispy hair

C: Parent or guardian who is abusive towards his/her children

D: One who is difficult to reason with



Doodle Sack

A: A satchell used to carry odds and ends

B: Offensive slang term for male genitalia

C: Bagpipe

D: A term for one who paints or draws graffitti everywhere



A: Slang term for refusal to enter an area where creepy, crawlies exist. Such as cellars, attics, and seedy drinking establishments.  Basically, “Not going in there!”

B: Hemp rope used on ships from 16th to the early 19th century

C: A small quantity of something leftover

D:  Slang term for a part on a train coupler, officially called a ‘Hole Cap’



A: Fear of being watched

B: Fear of failure

C: Fear of insects that hop

D: Fear of rejection

Thanks for playing!



Word Trivia Answers Revealed

We’ve settled into a blood freezing cold snap up here, in the great white north, so I’m taking advantage of breaks between shoveling the snow, and adjusting the heat, to reveal the truths about some wacky words I’ve tried to fool you with.

I thank all of you who took the time to play, and for challenging the quiz organically, instead of turning to Google. If you didn’t know a single one, don’t feel bad, these are not your everyday drivers.

Drum roll . . . please! Prepare to be amazed! Prepare to be enchanted! Enlightened? You get the point.

Once again, here are the words, the possible answers, and the correct answer below each.


A: To declare oneself victorious, in spite of logical argument(s) brought forth by one’s opponent(s).

B: A beveled edged chisel used in nineteenth century cabinet making.

C: An affluent retired person able to pursue an active lifestyle.

D: A pie (any flavor) that is offered to another in order to win their affection. (shortened and derived from, To woo with pie).

Correct Answer: C 


A: A forceful blow

B: A nineteenth century derogatory term for someone who begs for money or food on a wharf

C: To shun.

D: A mythical creature responsible for missing socks. It is believed to dwell in the linen traps of clothes dryers.

Correct Answer: A

He’s still adorable, though.


A: Style of shoe or boot with a long pointed toe.

B: Another name for the threshing drum on a nineteenth century grain threshing machine.

C: The long claw on the middle toe of an African Wild Dog.

D: An ancient fairy who steals periwinkle flowers.

Correct Answer: A


A: The characteristic of excessive boldness.

B: A term used in marine biology to refer to the time period during which the Great Barrier Reef began to form.

C: A term used to describe someone attractive enough to resemble a goddess. This was derived from the goddess Eriu, the goddess of Irish Sovereignty.

D: A term that refers to something or someone who resembles a hedgehog.

Correct Answer: D (yes, really 🙂 ) 

There you have it. Go forth and share your newly acquired wisdom about these peculiar, and obscure, Quasimodo’s of the English language. Rescue them from the darkest corners of the attic, mind the spiders, though.

If you enjoyed this bit of trivia, you can play again, just click on this link: Bibbles, Ratoons, And Bumfuzzles. Oh My!


Word Trivia Answers Revealed

Back in the middle of September I set up a little word quiz here. I included some of the most waggish terms that can easily befuddle even the most sagacious word smiths.

Now, you could altercate that what’s typed here is mere trumpery from an old pettifogger, and therefore not worth the binary code that was used to form the letters, but truly, who doesn’t like the odd bit of trivia?

You’ll find a review of the quiz below. Those who have not yet undertaken the challenge have been accommodated, as I have refrained from revealing the correct answers until the end. To those who’ve already participated and practiced Googlestraint (ya, I just made that up), I thank you for playing and for your abstinence. However, I lament that this format is a decoy to lure you far down the page, and thus closer to the ‘Like’ button.

I’m sorry to say that this time my daughter, vexed by her existing ‘mono-cookie’ contract, and failing in her attempts to have me ratify a ‘multi-’, decided that the world needed more Crayola unicorns than word pictures.

Nonetheless, onwards to the review and impartation.


A: Someone who is unwanted and shunned at social gatherings because of their habit of creating tension.

B: A monster that lives in sump pump wells and is the true cause of those terrifying gargling sounds. The “logical” people claim the noise is caused by the activation of the pump.

C: A politician who does or says things for personal gain.


A: A term for being exhausted.

B: What Elmer Fudd calls Bugs Bunny.

C: A type of metal used to make wheel bearings.


A: One who adheres to a hedonist lifestyle, for whom ‘everything goes’.

B: A word for the day before yesterday.

C: A mundane occurrence.


A: The fear of bibs.

B: The fear of running out of reading material.

C: The fear of libraries.

Here is what’s ‘On the beam’:


C: A politician who does or says things for personal gain.


A: A term for being exhausted.


B: A word for the day before yesterday. Not as much fun as it sounds, is it?


B: The fear of running out of reading material. I think most of us can relate to this one.

And as a bonus:

Bibble: The sounds of people eating/drinking noisily. This can be especially bothersome if you suffer from misophonia, which is the strong negative feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions to  “trigger sounds”.

Ratoon: The small shoot that comes from the root of a plant.

Bumfuzzle: A state of confusion. This term is so fitting for this article.

So, you have the meanings, take a bow if you knew most of them off hand . . . you are a true crackerjack!

Thanks for playing! Remember, a day without learning something new is humdrum.