Photos With Captions To Make You Smile And Think

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Last night one, or both, of our cats, Sage and Charlie, busted into the catnip stash. I’m gobsmacked that no matter how much I question them, neither will lift a paw to rat out the other. They don’t always get along. More solid than Canadian soil in February, those two. I managed to intervene before either one could eat too much. Though I swear I caught Sage grinning at me like the Cheshire Cat. 🤨🤪😂

When you forget to tip the snowplow driver. 

That goes double if you drink from this mug! 🙂


Photos To Make You Smile

A few weeks ago, we were on a return trip from visiting relatives, when our Rondo caught up with something unique.

A quick glance in the spy mirror, a built-in feature that grants parents a complete view of any devious behaviour that may be occuring in the cheap seats, revealed that even our nine-year-old had foresaken her tablet. She gazed out her window, mouth agape, at the spectacle.

Then, almost in unison, we began to laugh.

I offered the usual Dad Joke. “I guess that truck just needed one extra horse power.”

Naturally, everyone went hysterical at such a witty remark. 🙂

The horse even had a few groupies trailing behind.

But of course not everyone agreed with staring obsessively at their champion mare. Two opted to respect her privacy.


Only in Canada, would you find a horse, bull, cow, and moose, riding peacefully together along one of the country’s busiest highways.


Geese Rule! Cars . . . idle.



Blimp sighting in our backyard. The Prime Minister is on tour.


You must be at least six feet tall to take this ride.

Just Remember these life-changing nuggets.