Bibbles, Ratoons, And Bumfuzzles. Oh My!

Okay, raise your hand if you want to play a word quiz game today. Great! That’s everyone!

These words are some of the wackiest the English language has ever come up with, and that’s saying something.

Three choices are located under each word, and you guessed it, only one of them is correct (I challenge you to try them without Googling).  There are four words in total. You can put your guesses in the comments section, if you wish. The correct answers will be revealed in my next post.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve asked my daughter to draw her interpretation of the word meanings. She really likes purple, can you tell?

Now, on with it.


A: Someone who is unwanted and shunned at social gatherings because of their habit of creating tension.

B: A monster that lives in sump pump wells and is the true cause of those terrifying gargling sounds. The “logical” people claim the noise is caused by the activation of the pump.

C: A politician who does or says things for personal gain.





A: A term for being exhausted.

B: What Elmer Fudd calls Bugs Bunny.

C: A type of metal used to make wheel bearings.





A: One who adheres to a hedonist lifestyle, for whom ‘everything goes’.

B: A word for the day before yesterday.

C: A mundane occurrence.

(sorry, no picture, didn’t want to try to explain that one)



A: The fear of bibs.

B: The fear of running out of reading material.

C: The fear of libraries.




So, there you have it, a few more words to add to your vocabulary arsenal that should have your friends and family rewarding you with an expression that might look like this:  (have your camera ready)  You’re welcome.





Nothing New Under The Sun? Then Head Underground!

Okay, so you don’t need to suffocate yourself by burying your head in the sand, but do you ever get tired of the ‘same old thing’? Sorry, this article won’t help you win the lottery, or forge a new identity, but it may change your perspective (somewhat . . . maybe?) on the mundane. Checkout some new names for everyday things!



Elevators can become Ascension Cabs. Of course, they’d have to install new signs in every office and public building.



Are goats really just Organic Lawnmowers? Much lower carbon footprint!



Candy or Fat Pills? Sorry, but they’re not good for you.


People Hives

Are skyscrapers just People Hives?

That’s all for today. See how the ordinary can be re-branded to brighten your day?