Happy Saturday! Relax like a Boss Panda!

Happy Saturday! Well, for many of you this is a break from the daily grind. Unfortunately, I’ve got a long day at work ahead of me, sixteen hours, to be exact (blah!).

Despite the arduous day ahead, I wanted to keep up my commitment to maintaining a more regular blog.

I hope you find a daily chuckle below!


“I swear on it, Edna! The last time I went by this house, they had Tom, well it looked like it could have been Tom, in some large metal tub thing! He was naked, very tanned, and they were giving him a bath with some type of squeezy thing! The most disturbing thing was that I couldn’t see his head! Think about it. We haven’t seen him for months, for months! Why won’t any of you listen to me?”

“Oh, Margaret, you poor bird brain. You have such a wild imagination! Everyone knows that those things only eat food that comes from a box or a can. Please stop this, right now!”



“Promise me that if you see one of those nasty, big-eared, hoppy things, you’ll put me back in your purse! I mean, what kind of creature twitches it’s nose like that?”



“Okay, ha, ha. Joke’s over. Did you get all the photos you wanted? Did ya have to invite your friends over to point and laugh at me while you eat, what are those things called again? Oh, right, I think I can remember, ‘horse nerves’ or something that sounded like that. You know you’re getting on mine, right? Fun’s over! Take this giant wig off me, right now!”


“Okay, Daddy. You remember the song, right? He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad . . . let’s find out, right now, if you’re as good at this as the jolly old fat guy.”







Photos To Make You Smile

A few weeks ago, we were on a return trip from visiting relatives, when our Rondo caught up with something unique.

A quick glance in the spy mirror, a built-in feature that grants parents a complete view of any devious behaviour that may be occuring in the cheap seats, revealed that even our nine-year-old had foresaken her tablet. She gazed out her window, mouth agape, at the spectacle.

Then, almost in unison, we began to laugh.

I offered the usual Dad Joke. “I guess that truck just needed one extra horse power.”

Naturally, everyone went hysterical at such a witty remark. 🙂

The horse even had a few groupies trailing behind.

But of course not everyone agreed with staring obsessively at their champion mare. Two opted to respect her privacy.


Only in Canada, would you find a horse, bull, cow, and moose, riding peacefully together along one of the country’s busiest highways.


Geese Rule! Cars . . . idle.



Blimp sighting in our backyard. The Prime Minister is on tour.


You must be at least six feet tall to take this ride.

Just Remember these life-changing nuggets.