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I’m sitting out on my back deck, finally enjoying a cool breeze as I peck away at this post. It’s quite a treat, really, considering the soupy humidity we’ve slogged through in the last three days.

Today I have the privilege of introducing Authors Lisa and Tony Fisher, who’s books delve into the systemic racism that is unfortunately still a part of today’s world. Lisa was inspired to write due to a painful personal experience. I’ll let them tell you their story.

The Manor Exposed book series is a nonfiction read about how this new age of computers social media has raised the platform of racism, specifically in the workplace and around the world. The connection between a racially charged environment and the internet. It also touches on the issue of cultural racism in a way never before seen or documented in the media.

Lisa Fisher, a Brooklyn, New York, woman is sharing her story of the unthinkable racist abuse she suffered. She’s an African American woman who was compared to an ape on Instagram.

Back in 2013 Lisa was discriminated against on her job at an assisted living facility located in Coney Island. Two coworkers took her picture without her knowledge and posted it on Instagram, along with a monkey and a nasty caption indicating that’s how she looked. These coworkers had located a picture of Ari (mistakenly referred to in the photo as Cornelius) from the 2001 movie, Planet of the Apes, and had placed her photo next to it.  Lisa did not find any sympathy or recourse when she reported the incident to her employer. Instead, she had ended up cutting back on her hours at work to try and avoid these coworkers who continued to harass her.

 From that moment on their lives were turned upside down. Eventually, Lisa went from being a victim to a victor.  She sued the job and won, making history by creating a precedent in the courts for this type of hatred.

Her husband encouraged her to write so that she could share the story of her pain. In 2019, Lisa and Tony became authors of, The Manor Exposed book series, a memoir that delves into the very essence of systemic racism in the workplace.

Lisa believes her book is a call to action and she wants to be an advocate or a voice for many who have remained silent through these painful acts. This is reality and she hopes that through her message hostile workplace experiences will come to an end.

We hope The Manor Exposed book series will help you find your way in seeking justice. All lives do matter, stand up and make a difference even if you stand alone.

A poem inspired by the need for solving problems of race discrimination.

My yesterdays were filled with exciting and new
Now the days are like thunder
So dark and so blue

With rainy nights as I dried my eyes and tried to sleep
I drowned in my thoughts like an ocean so deep

The sun use to shine with blue skies dancing in the wind
But now I’m reminded of how people sin

Like the gentle breeze sliding across my forehead as I float
in thin air
Is it now the new normal to treat people unfair

With no care in the world
But still I was worried
If the evilness of jealousy would ever be buried

I tried to imagine that things would get better
Then I got threatened with a termination letter

So far away
And too high to reach
It made the lessons I learned
so hard to teach

It was like for never
and I became worse
This Instagram photo
was more than a curse

-Lisa and Tony Fisher

Meet Lisa and Tony

We’re Lisa and Tony Fisher, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. We met in 1995. A year later, we became the two of hearts and got married on Valentine’s Day. Living life simple took us on great adventures from enjoying long walks across the beach to becoming authors. Together we get to explore our creative expression and what it means to reach the minds of others through written words. We would like to share with you how a great tragedy can change your life. 

We never aspired to become writers, but with love and understanding it all came true. As a message, we would like to say, when two people love each other, as we do, you can conquer just about anything. But most of all, when you have loyalty and trust there’s no limit to what you can achieve. If that’s where your heart is, just do it.

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    1. Humans are humans, that’s true. But there are some people that feel that they have the right to treat and rate you as less, compromising your rights to the same opportunities.

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  1. What Lisa endured was awful to say the least, Mark, but I’m glad she fought and won! It’s so sad that this issue continues to surface in current times. I still can’t wrap my head around just how cruel and hateful people can be. Thanks for introducing Lisa and Tony and I look forward to reading their story. Their poem was both moving and heartbreaking.

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  2. Social Media has become a place where bullies victimise people. LIsa isn’t the only person to have suffered such victimisation, it happens to a lot of young people of school going age and it does huge emotional damage to people. I am very surprised that Lisa’s place of work didn’t take action against the bullies. That would certainly not be the case here in South Africa.

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  3. Thanks for sharing Lisa and Tony’s inspiring story, Mark. It’s a tragedy that people are so cruel and hateful. I’m glad that Lisa fought for her right to be treated with dignity and respect, and won. Thanks to both of them for sharing their experience with others through their book.

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    1. Unfortunately this despicable behavior does go on, Diana, but that’s why we need people like Lisa and Tony to stand against it. Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts.

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    2. Thank you and this is a problem that we hope to raise full awareness about because of the psychological damage it can cause from depression.

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      1. Absolutely. Systemic racism is insidious and rampant and damages everyone, but especially those who are targeted. You would think we’d have moved beyond this cruel behavior by now. I just don’t get it.

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  4. What happened to Lisa was terrible. I’m glad she had the courage to sure the employer and won. It’s good that she shares her experience by her writing. Thank you for introducing Lisa to us, Mark.

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      1. Thank you for sharing. We admire Lisa and Tony for sharing their story, the truth and for standing up for their human rights.

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    1. Thank you too. Writing this book has also taken us from victims of a hate crime to advocates for civil rights. This is just the beginning.

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  5. I will never understand the cruelty inside some people. I’m glad Lisa and Tony wrote this story down and glad you introduced them to us! Thanks, Mark.

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  6. I admire such persons who rise against racism, discrimination and bullying. Kudos to Lisa for writing her story… it needs to be heard. Thanks for sharing it Mark. Wishing the happy couple great success.

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