Photo Prompt For Kreative Kue

Good morning, afternoon, or night. Today I’ve decided to participate in author Keith Edgar Channing’s “Kreative Kue” Please follow the link to Keith’s fantastic blog.

Here is the photo prompt:

“Jasper! I’m sorry!”

“You called me ‘poofy,’ and right in front of Sally!”

“Look, I thought she liked ‘poofy’!

“Then you peed on my leg! Yuck! Do you know how much rolling in the grass I had to do, to get that off! To make it worse, you did it right—”

“In front of Sally. I get it. I told you, it’s a medical condition. Look I’m sorry you were embarrassed. But let’s look at the facts. Sally is a Bullmastiff, and you’re, well, you.”

“I’m not good enough for her? That what you’re saying?”

“Well, not exactly. It’s just that, when she grows bigger, much, much, much bigger, there’s going to be some complications.”

“I don’t even know what that means.”

“The word, ‘complication,’ originated from the Latin word ‘complicationem’. It means—”

“Pshaw! I know what the word means, I don’t understand what it matters what kind of dog Sally is.”

“Well, she’s young now, but she’s going to grow tall, very tall.”

“How tall?”

“Let’s just say you won’t be able to keep up with her. When you go for a walk, she might as well carry you by the scruff of your neck. Your feet won’t even touch the ground.”

“You’re putting me on!”

“Nope! Look, Mom’s calling us for dinner. I’ll get her to Google a picture of what Sally is going to look like when she’s fully grown.”

“Alright, but it won’t stop us! I’ll steal the step stool Mom uses to reach the top cupboard, to kiss her!”

“The cupboard with our treats?”

“The very one.”

“Wow! You really ARE in love!”


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Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman's childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips to a local lake, and many other outdoor adventures. He was also an avid reader of both fiction and non. Transitioning towards adulthood also meant moving from the farm and into large urban areas that introduced this country boy to life in the big cities. After a short stint as a private investigator, he moved into the role of Correctional Officer, working at both Millhaven Institution and Kingston Penitentiary, until it closed.

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  1. I appreciate how Jasper articulates his feelings instead of becoming passive-aggressive. I wish someone would have warned me what my husband would look like when he grew up. ‘Love is blind.’ A fun, creative post, Mark. 😀

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  2. Brilliant tale, Mark, and thank you for contributing today. Interestingly, when they were together – Ulysse succumbed to a stomach cancer five years ago – Trevor (the Jack Russell) used regularly to follow Ulysse, waiting for him to pee. Whilst Ulysse was busy doing his thing, Trevor would do his thing all over Ulysse’s leg. Being an equal opportunities dog, though, Trevor didn’t restrict himself to his housemate. He did the same to my daughter’s female Shih Tzu when she stayed with us. When she was young, Shitsu (yes, that is her name) was uniformly pure white, albeit with the occasional yellow patch!

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  3. A fun and entertaining argument/chat between these two 🙂 The future height difference between the dogs gives a funny meaning behind the phrase, “She’s out of your league.”

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