Many parents of school-aged children should get the caption below. 🙂

MY “understanding” of the new math.


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Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman's childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips to a local lake, and many other outdoor adventures. He was also an avid reader of both fiction and non. Transitioning towards adulthood also meant moving from the farm and into large urban areas that introduced this country boy to life in the big cities. After a short stint as a private investigator, he moved into the role of Correctional Officer, working at both Millhaven Institution and Kingston Penitentiary, until it closed.

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  1. I don’t have any children, but I made the mistake of checking out a mini-course on the topic, and, let’s stay that I haven’t stuck to it. Thanks for the smile, Mark.


  2. Great one, Mark! As a teacher and parent, I feel your pain. lol! I had my son learn the “new math” and I chose to also show him the math I grew up on. He then chose the method that made most sense to him in each instance. I’m all for showing students different strategies, but too many school systems threw out the tried-and-true method to replace it with a different method instead of show both methods and allowing the students to use what works best for them. Crazy! 🙂

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      1. Hehehe…lovely! I tell you I am so glad I am not in school in this day and age! All the best Mark and cheers!

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  3. Your six words says it all, Mark 🙂 I’ve tried to help my grandson and thought they took something so simple and complicated it…lol.

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    1. My sympathies. 🙂 I once had a discussion with my oldest when helping her with math. Though we were arriving at the same answer, neither one of us could grasp the other’s concept.

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