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In the new digital world, there is no tolerance for privately owned supercomputers. Globally, computers are hunted and destroyed for the greater good, by the new cyber police CESPOOL. The information this group receives is manipulated by subversive hidden machine learning devices, the MAG running on the dark net.

Judith and Xiamara are freebooters who steal machine time for their PaaS, porn as a service business. The machine they chose for delivery is the last untapped supercomputer not in the hands of a sovereign. Their activity is spotted by the MAG, but the renegade R-Group steps in to alter the outcome. Leroy teams up with Zara to help these opportunists escape prosecution. They are drafted as reluctant participants in the fight.

Jacob and Quip are trapped in the Chihuahuan Desert trying to reconstruct the base of ICABOD’s logic core. The stress of their isolation is taking a toll. Their wives and children are safe in Brazil for the time being, but Interpol is prowling for answers.

The R-Group has assembled a way to communicate with orphaned satellites. While the next R-Group plans the ultimate honey pot to trap their nemesis who is driving their corrupted agenda. The odds are against R-Group’s success, but they have creative surprises on their side.

The stakes have never been higher. The R-Group young and old must rise to defeat the MAG.

4Wills Blog Tour Day 7

We wanted to share some of the feedback we have received. Also, we want to encourage you to leave a fair and honest review for all authors you read.

Breakfield and Burkey have received various reviews and comments. All our stories are reviewed by Kirkus along the way. Those comments have been positive. We also use portions of these on our Amazon pages and in social media. Overall, the comments have been positive. Other formal reviewers we solicit have picked out elements that are good as well as suggestions.

Individuals are those we pay a lot of attention to. Burkey looks at them and comments back in some cases. We appreciate the comments from people who hope the books will become a film or TV series. Many like specific characters. We have one reader who has kept up with the series and as one evil character evolved, she repeated indicated the character was vile. Many enjoy the series overall and comment as such.

We respect people who leave fair and honest reviews. However, we have found the anonymity of the Internet provides people a platform to vent behind a mask. This is the same for many social media exchanges. Rudeness is the focus, laced with meanness.  Some have commented that the stories are not realistic. The technology is real and applied in a manner that may not be apparent in very day use in our digital world. It could be that their frame of reference is like someone who has just discovered the miracle products of Teflon and Velcro.

For better or worse, we have lived the technology evolution wave, so we have the knowledge and experience for the facts we embed in the stories.  Some people simply don’t have our broad-based exposure to multiple technologies, some of which were surpassed by the newest shiny object. When some people do not understand something, it can embarrass them, so they attack to make it irrelevant. We suspect it is simply a different frame of reference.

The technology is the foundation of a story, but they truly are the struggles of the cyber good guys and gals versus the bad actors from the Darknet, who are also gender neutral. The Darknet is after all an equal opportunity employer. Technology has been a male dominated industry, but with programs like STEM more females are embracing this industry. Toward that we have strong female characters on both sides of the digital battlefield.

More than a few people have said that the stories we tell are all too frighteningly real. They ask what they might do to protect themselves against cyber thieves. In response to these requests, we point them to our cyber security health kit and provide some tips and tricks for people to protect themselves on line.  We offer free tips and tricks sheets on how to build a good secure password, avoiding email phishing, and ways to avoid identity theft. You are welcome to email us Authors@EnigmaSeries.com if you are interested in learning more.

We like giving back to the community based on what we have witnessed over the years in the high-tech arena. We even have a free coloring book as a download with a cyber security quiz in the back of it as a fun exercise to make folks think. Our books are geared to an adult, but the coloring book is fine for children. It may help them learn as they become more connected in our digital playground.

We would also invite you to take a look at our Kickstarter campaign for The Enigma Threat. You can learn a bit more about us, watch the book trailer, and support our efforts to start down the path to a screenplay.

Meet The Authors


Breakfield is a 25+ year technology expert in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges. He’s also a fan of wine tastings, winemaking, Harley riding, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Burkey is a 25+ year applied technology professional who excels at optimizing technology and business investments. She works with customers all over the world focusing on optimized customer experiences. She writes white papers and documentation, but found she has a marked preference for writing fiction.

Together they create award-winning stories that resonate with males and females, as well as young and experienced adults. They bring a fresh new view to technology possibilities today.

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Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman's childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips to a local lake, and many other outdoor adventures. He was also an avid reader of both fiction and non. Transitioning towards adulthood also meant moving from the farm and into large urban areas that introduced this country boy to life in the big cities. After a short stint as a private investigator, he moved into the role of Correctional Officer, working at both Millhaven Institution and Kingston Penitentiary, until it closed.

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  1. Hi Mark, Hi Charles, Hi Rox,

    I believe that technology is threatening to many people because it is constantly changing. For example, I had just gotten used to Blogger when they changed it completely. So out of fear of changing, we do become aggressive and sometimes write a review that shows how afraid we are.

    Mark, thank you so much for hosting Charles and Rox.
    I wish you three an excellent 2021.

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  2. It’s wonderful when writers share their “pulpit” with other writers. This is a bit outside my usual reading preferences, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Also kind of fun that it’s a writing team. Thanks, Mark!

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    1. Hi Angela, we certainly understand your hesitancy. We aren’t simply techno centric. We take a layer of technology and the plots cover different points on the globe, touch on relationships both good and bad, add in suspense as white hats battle black hats and oh yes a splash of humor as that is all part of life. You might want to download a free sample, or try one of our shorts. Thank you for coming to Mark’s to take a look. Be safe. Rox

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  3. I think the way you guys have turned your technology expertise into entertaining stories is amazing, Breakfield and Burkey. They are entertaining, but also chillingly accurate. Thanks for hosting today, Mark!

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    1. Jan, thank you so much. All fiction has fact. It is when the facts we create as fiction come true that creeps us out. Mark, thank you.

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  4. I’ve preordered the book and look forward to reading it. What is privacy? With all our smart devices spying on us, it seems unlikely it exists any more, unless we’re completely off the grid. Thanks for putting together the cyber security health kit, Rox and Charles. We live in a scary world. Thanks for hosting them, Mark!

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    1. Boy you have that right! We keep seeing the plots of our books coming to life everyday. Banks emptied of funds, the crypto currency wars, data tampering, APT (Advance Persistent Threats) launched by sovereign nations. We’ve got to write faster to keep up with all the cyber attacks from the Darknet!

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  5. Thanks for the introduction, Mark. This sounds like a great read at a perfect time when it seems social media is stealing our privacy. You mentioned searching a product and then the ad will follow. Recently, I was talking about a product, not searching, yet later when I got on the computer there was an ad. Talk about creepy! Congratulations to B&B!

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    1. Jill let us know how you feel about some of the creepy technology we baked into The Enigma Threat. We get to watch a lot of this stuff in real time so when we get creeped out, you know it is really creepy!

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    2. Hi Jill, Isn’t technology helpful? You almost don’t have to worry about making choices, it’s given to you. Take care.

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  6. With all that is unfolding about technology, we should all read Charles and Roxanne’s books. I remember being in a chatroom with them and asking what their concerns were about tech. Their response, “how much do you value privacy?” Pretty haunting response. Congratulations Breakfield and Burkey! I’m looking forward to the read. Thank you, Mark, for featuring them.

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    1. Thank you Gwen, it was my pleasure to host. I agree with the privacy concerns. We see it all the time. If you notice that when you search for something on a device, ADs for that item often suddenly appear . . . coincidence? Me thinks, not.

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      1. Mark thanks for hosting us. Gwen to your point, we are always willing to comment on how to run the planet. Please enjoy our newest techno thriller when it will be pushed out in e-format Jan 8th. Of course the audible will be available as well if you want to listen to our terrific voice actor Derek Shoales. However if you are hardcore paper, the trade paper will take a few days to get you. Best wishes.

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    2. Hi Gwen. Nice to see you and we appreciate your kind support. We invite you to look at the kickstarter program and add a pre-order of The Enigma Threat for the low price of $.99 before release on January 8.

      Mark, your blog is so nice. We appreciate you hosting us.

      Happy New Year to you all!

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