Review of Silent Heroes, by Patricia Furstenberg

The Blurb:

How far would you go to save strangers in need? And who really are Marines’ most trusted allies?
Military Dogs would risk their lives for their humans in a heartbeat, but can soldiers do the same when personal struggles and global affairs defy humanity?

My Thoughts:

Patricia has certainly done her homework when it comes to research. Silent Heroes sheds light on the plight of the Afghan people, far better than any newscast. This ‘in your face’ tale may be fictional, but the vicarious journey into the depths of earthly hell cannot be underestimated. I was schooled on the true collateral damage, and that is the personal trauma of all who are dragged into war.

The desperation of a father who seeks his lost children, the terror of a village constantly under threat, and the bond between canine and soldier, are skillfully portrayed. The fact that Silent Heroes broached the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was a refreshing change from the usual, ‘good guy shoots bad guy and remains unaffected.’

What impressed me the most was Patricia’s attention to detail in her explanation of Afghanistan’s history and how the Taliban rose to power. I’d been completely unaware of these facts, despite years of watching news footage. I finished the book better educated and with a greater sympathy for all involved.

There were some areas where past and present tense were used interchangeably, and character perspectives changed suddenly, more clarity could have been given.

Silent Heroes is an intense and action-packed read that anyone with an interest in culture, foreign affairs, and the personal cost of war would find appealing.

Four Stars for Silent Heroes.


Meet Patricia:


Patricia Furstenberg is a skilled, multi-genre author, poetess and mother, known for her uplifting, thought-provoking themes and her appealing characters. With a medical degree behind her, Patricia is passionate about mind, brain and education and the psychology behind it. Her writing echoes the realities of life and is accented by ‘creativity and vivid imagery.’ She knows how to ‘capture the reader’s imagination.’ Her prolific writing is described as: positive, diverse, crisp, joyful and uplifting. As a winner of the Write Your Own Christie Competition, the Judges ‘were impressed by her thorough investigation and admired the strength of her narrative; they were impressed by her style’. The judges thought Patricia’s writing style is ‘well structured, with a great sense of tension and suspense’, ‘confident and intriguing’. The Judges were Mathew Prichard, David Brawn from Harper Collins UK and Daniel Mallory from Harper Collins US. She lives happily with her husband, children and dogs in sunny South Africa.

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32 thoughts on “Review of Silent Heroes, by Patricia Furstenberg”

  1. Hi Mark and nice to meet you, Patricia.

    Patricia, your words resonate today and all days, especially “if read at the right time.” You make a very good point on how words can help us clarify positive and negative experiences in our life. You remind me how we build upon what we already know. Yet, one experience can change the trajectory of our life. Thank you for a very powerful, thought-provoking post filled with gems, life-lessons.

    A wonderful, thoughtful review, Mark. Shedding light on the Afghan people far better than any newscast speaks volumes to Patricia’s research. I have put “Silent Heroes” on my reading list. Thank you for introducing Patricia to me.

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    1. Hello, Erica. So pleased to meet you 🙂
      Your words give me great joy. Thank you for taking the time to read my guest post.

      I think I should add that, perhaps for some of us, if it isn’t reading or writing then it might be photography, or a different skill – that will allow for inner growth and a clearer perspective on things.

      I do hope you will enjoy Silent Heroes once you get to it. Any kind of war goes beyond the man with the gun, or the one who gives the orders and some don’t even have a choice in partaking, this doesn’t mean their life is any less valuable.

      Have a wonderful week further.
      Pat xx

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      1. Pat, you are right about all forms of creativity allow for inner growth and a clearer perspective on things. I greatly appreciate your follow! I look forward to visiting your website and blog and reading more. I am happy our paths crossed via Mark. 🙂

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  2. I had the same response to this book, Mark – that it was well-researched and informative in addition to a gripping story. When I saw the title of your post, I was curious to hear your thoughts. Many congrats to Patricia for another wonderful review. 🙂

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  3. Thank you, Mark, for this wonderful review and blog post. It means a lot to hear you enjoyed Silent Heroes, especially given your involvement with the law and your passion and interest for human rights (and I speak her of your novel ‘Vanished’).
    You have made my day for sure 🙂
    Highly appreciated.

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