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Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman's childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips to a local lake, and many other outdoor adventures. He was also an avid reader of both fiction and non. Transitioning towards adulthood also meant moving from the farm and into large urban areas that introduced this country boy to life in the big cities. After a short stint as a private investigator, he moved into the role of Correctional Officer, working at both Millhaven Institution and Kingston Penitentiary, until it closed.

11 thoughts on “Take Time to Enjoy Nature”

  1. Gorgeous photo and such an intriguing verse.
    There was a very old, old tree not far from where I live, and every time I passed it I used to wonder who else had passed it…..the first settlers in the region? Revolutionary War soldiers? Civil War Soldiers? That tree saw a lot of history.
    Sadly it was cut down. The way it was positioned at the end of a road made it a potential danger to traffic. Your verse made me remember that tree 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mae. The place in the photo is just down the road from my house. My family and I walk there often, but most people just hurry past in their ‘horseless carriages.’ Too bad they had to cut that tree down. The prhase should be changed to, “If these trees could talk.”

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